Northern Powerhouse

Our Northern lodges are always working to support local charities . In January Michele IPM of Bond of Friendship Lodge 48 was delighted to present £250 each to her two chosen charities; the Alzheimers Society and Dementia Cafe.

Michele pictured centre was surrounded by volunteers and cafe users. Receiving the cheques are Judith from the local Alzheimers Society and Maureen a volunteer.

And not to be outdone, Sue the WM of Sesame 26 presented a £400 cheque to Michelle from the Trinity Hospice

Bharati celebrates!

On February 2nd Bharati Lodge No. 56 celebrated the Installation of its 3rd Worshipful Master when Bro Anju was installed into the Chair of KS. It’s going to be a busy year for this our first Indian lodge with the prospect of 8 candidates to admit for the prospective new lodge in Chennai and 6 candidates for another prospective new lodge in Bengalaru. WM Anju was Installed by Bro Sujini who be will be the first WM of the prospective new lodge in Hyderabad.

WM Anju and Officers and members of Bharati 56

Working together in Unity

Sunday February 2nd saw our newest Lodge, Unity 58 perform its first ceremony. Bro Rose was Raised to the degree of a Master Mason by WM Beverley. Unity meets in the uniquely special surroundings of The Cloisters at Letchworth. Unity was consecrated in October 2019 as a University Lodge to work together with the Province of Herts in our Uni Schemes.

WM Beverley and new MM Rose

Nestar keeps them busy in Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca Lodge of Tranquility 52 at their January meeting
WM Nestar and members

Saturday January 25th was the first meeting of the masonic year for the Costa Blanca Lodge of Tranquility 52 under the leadership of Worshipful Master Nestar who passed Bro Jan and Bro Patsy to the degree of Fellowcraft. This lodge was consecrated in 2005.

Linda holds the fort for another year

Constance Leaver Lodge No. 39 held its annual Installation meeting on Thursday 23rd January 2020. Worshipful Master Linda was proclaimed as WM for a second year and then proceeded to invest her Officers. W Bro Yvonne remains at her side as Immediate Past Master.

WM Linda

The Festive Board was held in a very convivial atmosphere and enjoyed by all those present.

Members and guests at the Constance Leaver Festive Board
Everyone enjoying a convivial evening

America continues to grow

America Lodge No. 57 continues its successful first year by admitting another 3 new members. A meeting was held on Sunday 13th January at its regular venue of the Arts Club in Washington DC. Welcome to Dani, Vicki and Rachel

America 57 welcomes more Initiates

Bharati Lodge 56 providing support for local schools

Freemasonry for Women Bharati Lodge No. 56 held its 3rd Anniversary meeting at Secunderabad when four brethren were passed to the Second or Fellowcraft Degree. The day before the brethren had presented benches to the local primary school and in the evening a gala dinner was held to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of the Lodge’s consecration.

The PGLOA Xmas Lunch

The annual PGLOA (Past Grand Lodge Officers Association) Xmas Lunch took place at HQ on December 2nd. A delicious lunch and musical entertainment were provided and the merriment concluded with a visit from Father Christmas.

Uni Scheme Conference


Freemasonry for Women was invited to participate in the Uni Scheme Conference held at Chester on 16th November. Scheme Chair Maxine Priestley addressed the conference on the subject of our involvement to date with the Uni Scheme. The Province of Chester are to be congratulated on their excellent organisation of this conference which was held in the splendid surroundings of the Christleton Centre, just outside Chester. In fact there were so many interesting seminars that it was difficult to choose which to attend. We were pleased to meet representatives from the Order of Women Freemasons, who were also present at the Conference.






Royal Wolverhampton School

23rd November 

Lots to discuss

Lots to discuss 


A get to know us event was held at the Royal Wolverhampton School to raise awareness of Freemasonry for Women and their aims, ideals and values. This event was supported by the Province of Staffordshire. The speakers included Grand Master Christine Chapman; Provincial Grand Master John Lockley; Grand Secretary Maxine Priestley; Uni Scheme representative Peter Hughes;  Peter Hill School Governor and Anita Notta, parent and member of FFW. The long term aim is to set up a FFW Lodge based at the school taking its membership from staff, parents and alumni.  Thanks to Bro David Joyce for the photo. Bro Anita from our Ambassadors Coventry project helped organise the event, as the mother of two children at the school she is very keen to get this idea off the  ground.

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