FFW University Lodge Scheme

Lodges which are part of the FFW University Lodge Scheme are particularly aimed at University undergraduates, staff and alumni and we offer discounted fees up to the age of 25.

Ideally,  the students should be Initiated, Passed and Raised during their time at the University. When they leave University they will be assisted to move to other Lodges if this is more convenient. During their time as a member of the University Lodge they will be encouraged to take part in the ceremonies for other candidates. For those of us who believe wholeheartedly in Freemasonry for Women this is a wonderful opportunity to reach out to more women.

Younger members are attracted by the stability of Freemasonry, its rituals and traditions all of which provide a contrast to the fast pace of modern life. There are at present more than 50 University Lodges working under the UGLE scheme. A recent conference on the Universities scheme discovered that at least 40% of the enquiries they received were from women. If the FFW Scheme proves successful it can only result in a more diverse membership and if we live up to our own masonic ideals we should be able to retain this membership for life.

Lodges in the FFW University Scheme

Ambassadors No. 13 our peripatetic lodge has three current projects for University Lodges. The project at the Cloisters in Letchworth, Herts has now been concluded successfully  with the consecration of a new lodge at Letchworth, Unity No. 58. A brand new Ambassadors project has now been established at Uxbridge which we hope will provide a new Lodge to work with Brunel University.

Surrey Lodge no. 45 was re-opened in February 2015 and we hope will be associated with University of Surrey. The lodge is meeting at the Guildford Masonic Centre. Surrey have now seen candidates come through from the Scheme.

Plans are underway to re-open Centrum Lodge 46 in August 2020 as a University Lodge, meeting at Coventry Masonic Centre, the Ambassadors 13 project at Coventry has seen a welcome growth in numbers recently.

Bond of Friendship 48 has been working in association with Cumbria University Lodge.

We are very pleased to announce that we are working in close co-operation with the UGLE University Scheme and we hope this will prove mutually beneficial.

HFAF University Scheme President – Most Wor Bro. Christine Chapman

HFAF University Scheme Chairman – Very Wor Bro. Maxine Priestley

HFAF University Scheme Deputy Chairman (North) – Right Wor. Bro. Angela Seed

WM Beverley presides over the new lodge

WM Beverley presides over the new lodge

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