Discover Freemasonry at Harrow

November 13th saw the last of the 2019 Discover Freemasonry events organised by the UGLE  Province of Middlesex and was held at Southgate Masonic Centre. As always the men outnumbered the women in the audience! However HFAF Freemasonry for Women was well represented and Bro Corinna gave a very emotional and moving account of her journey in  Freemasonry.

America 57 moving forwards

America Lodge 57 holds its 5th regular meeting at the Arts Centre in Washington, DC. Three new Initiates were welcomed into the lodge and to Freemasonry for Women. America Lodge 57 was consecrated earlier this year in May.

Three new Initiates for America 57

Three new Initiates for America 57

Ambassadors making progress

WM and 2 Fellowcraft at Ambassadors 13

WM and 2 Fellowcraft at Ambassadors 13


Progress continues at Uxbridge Masonic Centre as two Initiates, Bro Harsheel  and Bro Amonia took their second regular step in Freemasonry and were Passed to Fellowcraft by WM  Cecilia . It is hoped that the work undertaken at Uxbridge will lead to the consecration of a new University lodge,  Bro Harsheel also hopes to establish a lodge in Kenya in the future.

Cotswold 51 starts a new year

Cotswold 51 recently held their annual Installation meeting at Witney Masonic Centre  when new WM Norma was Installed by outgoing WM Jane in a very happy meeting. Many of the members of Cotswold 51 come from travelling fairground families and quite a few are related to each other.

Preston Guild celebrates a new year

The Festive Board after the Installation

New WM Gillian and IPM Angela

Preston Guild Lodge no. 29 held their Installation meeting at Chorley Masonic Centre in October. W Bro Gillian Foot had the great honour to be installed into the chair by the Provincial Grand Master, Angela Seed who is also a member of  Preston Guild and the outgoing WM. Younger members were also present and pictured here are a Master Mason, a Fellowcraft and an Entererd Apprentice. Preston Guild 29 was consecrated in 1952.70492AF1-B523-4656-987F-E6F4FF968EC7

Unity 58 is here !!!

Sunday 6th October saw the culmination of our labours at The Cloisters in Letchworth when Unity Lodge No. 58 was consecrated to the great joy of the first WM Beverley Bourne. Beverley has led the Ambassadors project at Letchworth since the beginning. The consecrating party was led by the MW Grand Master Christine Chapman.

Our members testify

Harrow Masonic Centre saw another Middlesex Province Discover Freemasonry event in September. Three of our younger members gave eloquent testimonies of their masonic journeys to the great acclaim of the audience. Molly the mason also participated but she didn’t have much to say!

Corinna, Gaelle and Harsheel

Corinna, Gaelle and Harsheel

Making history in America

On Saturday 25th May, America Lodge 57 was consecrated by Grand Master Christine Chapman, leading a large team of HFAF members from both UK and Spain and Bro Lou Elias was Installed as the first Worshipful Master by Grand Secretary Maxine Priestley. During the visit to Washington DC, 4 further candidates were Initiated by the WM and Officers of America Lodge 57. The team returned home on 30th May exhausted but elated at having successfully completed this daunting challenge. A full report of our visit will be published on the website.


Connaught Club Open Evening

The Connaught Club is aimed at members of Metropolitan Grand Lodge who are under 35.  On 26th April, they held an Open Night at the UGLE headquarters in Great Queen Street in London and invited HFAF Freemasonry for Women along. Several members together with Grand Master Christine Chapman attended and Grand Master Christine addressed the gathering.

Bourne celebrates at the Knole

On 16th April Bourne Lodge No. 37 celebrated the Installation of a new Master, W Bro. Meg Green in  their new masonic home at the Knole Masonic Centre. It was a happy day but one tinged with sadness as the lodge remembered W. Bro Alan Bailey, husband of W Bro. Jan Bailey who had recently died and who had been so instrumental in their move to their new home.


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