23rd April 2015

Wonderful party atmosphere at the Festive Board for Archstone Mark Lodge No. 4. The new WM Marilyn and the Committee certainly arranged an excellent evening for everyone.


21st April 2015

The Dining Room at the Lena Quaye Temple The Dining Room at the Lena Quaye Temple

The Dining Room at the Douglas Temple all set up for the Festive Board after the Craft meeting on Monday.

20th April 2015

Stability Lodge No. 1 – Installation meeting

Wor. Bro. Cynthia with Officers and members of the Lodge. Stability 2015

20th April 2015

Isle of Man Isle of Man

Grand Master Christine Chapman, accompanied by Deputy Grand Master Irene Stewart and Assistant Grand Master Hedy Babani with several Grand Lodge Officers are making their annual trip to visit the HFAF Brethren in the Isle of Man. Whilst there they will attend a Craft meeting and a Mark Installation.

16th April 2015

Lodge of Installed Masters 12 was pleased to admit the first Romanian Master of Alpha Lodge 54. Four Wardens including  the Senior Warden of  Alpha 54 were examined  and proved their skill and ability in the Master’s work.

Grand Master, the WM of Installed Masters 12 and the WM of Alpha 54 Grand Master, the WM of Installed Masters 12 and the WM of Alpha 54

1st April 2015

The Enthronement meeting of the Red Rose Chapter 2  of Rose Croix took place in Morecambe when Ex & PP Mona was  enthroned as Most Wise Sovereign of the Chapter. The festive board was afterwards held at the Headway Hotel.


Festive Board at the Headway Hotel Festive board at the Headway Hotel

1st April 2015

At the Sussex Lodge 17 meeting, Bro Ikogoli, the lodge’s youngest member became a Fellowcraft Freemason.

WM Penny with Bro Ikogoli

WM Penny with Bro Ikogoli

30th March 2015

The bi-annual meeting of Grand Mark Lodge took place at 402 Finchley Road. Members of all the Mark Lodges in the HFAF Fraternity were present.

25th March 2015

Macmillan 1 Macmillan 2We were pleased to host our first Macmillan Coffee Morning at 402 Finchley Road today

24th March 2015

Gothic Lodge 27 member and Past Master, Polly receiving her 50 yr jewel and certificate


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